Deep Learning for Coders - Lesson-0 / Week-0

Published: June 02, 2021
Pre-Note: The following summary/notes would be a combination of Reading the book “DeepLearning for coders with fastai & Pytorch” & watching the lectures from Jeremy’s course where he taught this at the University of SFO in 2020 and publicly made available through his youtube channel.
The Lesson-0 covers a more comprehensive understanding of the way to deal with learning Deep Learning. The Lesson tries to demistfy the myths of Deep Learning starters such as having a great math background or starting out with math or any other similar misconseptions.
The second half of the lesson is dedicated towards making one understand why GPU’s are important for Deep Learning and has information about google colab vs Amazon AWS EC2. Also there are detailed steps where Jeremy Howard (the author of the book) himself shows how to configure a EC2 instance.