Ravi Chandra Veeramachaneni

Space where I reproduce every learning.
About Me:
I am a Software Engineer. I love building scalable software and my interest spans in using different algorithms for making systems better & efficient. I also love Machine Learning and want to make the machines more smarter.
Right now, I am building several projects to get my hands on around Machine Learning. My interest has deepened more once I started applying the Deep Learning. I also love to blog what I learn. Blogging to me is having an easy to understand resource, which I wish, I had, when I started learning that topic. I am passionate about Open source. I love using & contributing to open source frameworks.
Also, I love reading, understanding & solidifying my knowledge in variety of topics such as blockchain, crypto, web3 from decentralized world & parallel universe, dark matter, black holes and few others from Theoretical Physics.
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